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" Taking dance lessons was intimidating at first but our instructors helped us feel confident and now we love to dance!"
Tim & Trisha Isham
"We had a great time working with Jill at Kalamazoo DanceSport. She helped two "non-dancers"  learn a few steps to make our first dance as a married couple one to remember. Every lesson was a blast and guessing by  the cheers from our reception crowd they really paid off! We continue to use our basic understanding of ballroom dancing at all of our friends weddings.
thank you!"
-Lyndsey and Jon Rose
Charlene and Paul Knight daughter Emily.
"Absolute Blow out Hit!"
"Knight family can't thank you enough....(the dance with my daughter Emily)... was amazing and Charleen and I looked pretty good cutting up the rug ourselves"
Charleen and Paul Knight


"...Our dance teacher Jill is fabulous.  I am struck by her ability to break moves down and explain them with incredible detail.  She demonstrates a perfect mix of modeling, practicing, checking for understanding, and correcting as needed by reteaching and having us practice once again.  She is always open to our questions and does a great job of providing the relevance regarding where the body is positioned and how it is supposed to move during each style of dance..."

-Derek Wheaton, excerpt from an article for the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principal's Association

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"This is something we can enjoy doing together.......
....we like... the private lessons, how everything goes together."

Jon& Tina Mong