Learning how to count beats in music
If you're having a hard time applying the counting to the beats, practice by writing the numbers one through eight (six for Waltz) on a piece of paper. Tap the numbers with your finger to the beat of the music and get used to associating counting to the beat.       How to find the beat of music-ThoughtCo 

  1. Rumba Rhythm  youtube

  2. Foxtrot Rhythm youtube

  3. Waltz Rhythm  youtube 

  4.  Waltz Rhythm 2

  5. West Coast Swing Rhythm  youtube

  6. East Coast Swing Rhythm  youtube

  7. Cha Cha Rhythm youtube

  8. Salsa Rhytyhm youtube

  9. Hustle Rhythm youtube



"...Anthony always said that the best Latin dancers seem to be aware of how they are looking from behind."
Benoit Papineau 
Canadian Champion and World Finalist about his mentor World Champion Anthony Hurley


Dancing your way to Better Health   
Ballroom May Help Mind, Body and Spirit 
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