Congratulations on taking the first step toward dancing beautifully at your wedding!

At Kalamazoo DanceSport we specialize in preparing you to dance at your Wedding. Better still, dancing is something that lasts well beyond your Wedding Day Dance and it's something that the Bride and Groom can share with each other for a lifetime.
Traditionally the Bride and Groom have the first dance to a song they have selected that has special meaning for the couple or they simply like. Then the Bride and  her Father dance and the Groom and  his Mother dance. After that any number of dances by the Wedding party are included.
Is dancing new to You? We can help make your wedding dance a pleasant, memorable highlight of your perfect day! Fortunately, most people have more natural ability than  they might think. With our quality instruction and a little practice we know anyone can learn to dance!
So, whether you want just the basics
a fully choreographed routine
or anything in between, we can help.
Most of the dozens of happy couples we have taught learn enough to be comfortable at their wedding and beyond  in 1-4 lessons.
Find out for yourselves by scheduling a 30 minute trial private lesson for $45 (peak hours add $5)
Please contact us for more information on learning to dance at your Wedding. The call to 269-760-5355 is the next step towards dancing beautifully at your Wedding!
  • Bride and Groom

  • Daddy / Daughter

  • Mother / Son

  • Parents 

  • Bridal Party

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